Syphilis- Prevention, Causes, And Treatment

Syphilis is an STD which is spreading alarmingly among men. It is prominent among men rather than women. The main reason for spread of syphilis among men is due to homosexuality. This bacteria enters the body through sex. It is advised to get yourself tested at Pittsburgh STD clinic, to rule out syphilis or any other type of sexually transmitted disease. To get better information on all health related issues checks out the site

First, if you have the slightest of doubt or develop sores in the body after two to three weeks of infection i.e. having sex, better get yourself tested for syphilis. The sores are painless and tiny in nature. The sores may get healed on its own for most of the people without treatment also, but the infection remains in the body and starts spreading alarmingly. If not diagnosed and treatment started at the right time, the infected person can develop flu-like symptoms attached with joint and muscle pain, sore throat and headache. If left untreated, it can evolve into the last stage affecting the parts of the body causing damage to the heart and brain.

Causes & Prevention
The main cause of syphilis is unprotected and unsafe sex. The only way to protect yourself is to use a condom and avoid sex with an infected person because there is no vaccination available for syphilis. Talk to your partner if you are infected and get your partner tested for syphilis and HIV also. This way the right treatment can start at the right time.

The physician would suggest a blood test, once you develop flu-like symptoms. Once diagnosed the doctor would prescribe an antibiotic, depending on the severity of infection and age.

Syphilis is an STD which can is cured if diagnosed and treated at the right time.

Reasons To Opt For Dental Implants


There are a number of reasons because of which dental implants are the best solution to replace damaged teeth. If and when you opt for dental implants you must choose the right dental clinic or hospital. Please make sure that the team of dentists at the dental hospital or clinic you have chosen is among the best in your area. It has been stated by a number of popular and reliable sites such as that inexperienced and unskilled dentists can ruin many benefits associated with dental plants. So, you must stay away from them.

The fact is that unlike all other methods and ways that are used to replace damaged natural teeth, dental implants do not have any side effects at all. The other methods of tooth replacement have side effects such as damage of gums, harm to adjacent teeth etc. If you want to avoid such unnecessary side effects then you must opt for dental implants. Dental implants will give your teeth a very natural look. It will be practically impossible to distinguish between natural teeth and dental implants. This will be the ideal situation for you. Dental implants will see to it that there is no bone loss beneath the natural teeth.

You will be surprised to find out that, high quality dental implants prevent a number of oral and dental diseases including gum disease. You will be able to chew all kinds of food items with a lot of ease. There is a very good chance that after a few days of getting the dental implants even you will forget that you have implants and not real teeth. The obvious thing is that you will need to make sure that the quality of the implants is as good as possible. You can achieve high quality dental implants if you are able to make sure that you choose a team of competent dentists for this purpose.