Be Aware Of Causes And Treatment For Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma causes

Mesothelioma is known to be a serious type of cancer, in which the symptoms do not appear in the initial stages. According to the medical experts from all parts of the world, the mesothelioma cancer is generally detected at the advanced stage, and hence this dreadful disease has a low survival rate which is said to be one to two years. To know more about the risk factors associated with mesothelioma, readers can browse the website and get benefitted. A malignant tumor is a pathological process provoked by chaotic cells multiplication, invasion and sometimes – metastasis. Depending on the type of affected tissue, the tumors classifications are as followed: cancer, sarcoma, lymphoma, mesothelioma, and others.

What exactly is mesothelioma?

The term mesothelioma refers to a rare kind of tumor which develops within pleura, peritoneum or inside pericardium that comes out of mesothelium. The development of pleural mesothelioma is very often connected with the fact that a person had inhaled the asbestos dust. This is why people, whose labor is somehow connected with asbestos, are paid compensation for the damage done to their health. In all other cases, if a person doesn’t have a direct contact with the asbestos dust, he or she can still be infected through the clothes of the relatives, who work on the asbestos enterprise. Another way to get infected is to live close to the factories that work with asbestos. Unfortunately, there is no special treatment for this kind of tumor. Although, in some cases, conduction of radical surgery yields good results as it helps to limit the spread of the disease.

Real causes of mesothelioma

Many factors can trigger carcinogenesis. Substances and factors that have such ability are called ‘carcinogens,’ and their kinds are as follows:

Chemical carcinogens:

These are different groups of polycyclic and heterocyclic aromatic carbohydrates, aromatic amines, nitroso compounds, Alfa toxins and vinyl chloride, metals, plastic, etc.

Physical carcinogens:

Various kinds of radiations such as x-ray

Biological factors:

Viruses that have ontogenesis in their structure and cause genetic modifications of the cells.

Hormonal factors:

There are certain kinds of hormones that can cause malignant transformation of the tissues that are sensitive to such transformations.

Occupational exposure

Expose to the mineral asbestos at the workplaces can be the real cause of mesothelioma, as the tine fibers present in the mineral poses a cancerous growth in some of the vital parts of lung, heart, abdomen, testicles, etc. These fibers get stuck on the surface of these parts known as mesothelium which is known to be a type of tissue lined with special cells referred to as mesothelial cells. These unique cells line the cavity of the parts mentioned above.

Recommended treatment for mesothelioma

Chemotherapy: This is one of the common treatment for this type of cancer which is administered to reduce the size of the cancerous growth.

Radiotherapy: This treatment involves using high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells and to have control over its growth.

Surgical procedure: Surgical procedure can be done when the cancer is detected in its primary stage.