6 Factors To Consider Before Joining A Gym


When it comes to fitness and training, there are enormous choices to make. You can join a Yoga class, go for brisk walks or join any of the established 24 hour gyms near you. You can indulge in cardio, weight-training, abs workout or other forms of exercises that fit your physical health. Visit www.fitnessmagazine.com to go through a list of exercises you can practice at the training center.

Before you sign up for a program in a gym, take time to go through the facilities provided. Observe the ambiance, age group and frequency of visitors, and programs offered. Make a note of all the things you like and detest about the gym. Other points include:
· Location of the gym
· Cleanliness inside the training center and the variety of equipment used
· Availability of lockers and child-care facility
· Find out if the gym is open to feedback from customers

Location Of The Gym
· Enroll yourself in a health club located close to your home or workplace. If the distance is a matter of concern, you are more likely to come up with excuses and avoid going to the gym.
· Find out the working hours of the training center so you can schedule your activities around it.

Type Of Programs Offered
· Ensure that the fitness center offers the right kind of training exercises that will meet your personal requirements. If you are interested in cardio and free weights, the gym should have the right equipment for your workout.
· Variety is the spice of life. Once monotony sets in, you lose interest in going to the gym. Look for a variety of classes and fitness equipment that the gym offers.
· Ask yourself how important facilities like parking and child-care in the gym premises are.

Support Staff
· If you thought that only the interiors of a gym matter, you are wrong. Factors like etiquette and knowledge of fitness staff play an important role in deciding whether to join a gym or not.
· How qualified are the fitness trainers? Do they hold certifications to their credit and do they exhibit knowledge about the use of fitness accessories?
· For people with special needs, does the gym have suitable facilities?
· CCTV cameras must be fitted inside the gym for constant supervision of activities inside.

· When you take a tour of the training center, pay close attention to the ambiance. Are you at ease working out in the environment or do you feel insecure and embarrassed?
· Look at significant details like the age of other participants, their fitness level and kind of music played in the background.
· Are the walls adorned with relevant images and pictures or is there offensive content on the wall?
· Are the changing rooms clean or does the air linger with a sweaty smell?
· Notice the condition of the equipment? Rusty and old gears are dangerous and can cause fatal injuries while working out.

Business Ethics
· A well-established health club that has been around for years will offer good quality services. They are registered with the local council, and few of them offer insurance in case of an accident.
· Talk to other existing members of the club and ask them about their experiences.

· When you decide to join a particular gym, get clarity on their membership fees. Find if they charge extra for towels or if they provide discounts for members.

It is almost done, and the only thing left is to put on the gym outfit and start off your training program.

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