Is Morning Exercise A Worthy One?

Morning Exercise

With the advent of World Wide Web, the aspect of health fitness has reached new heights as innumerable websites share fitness information to the world community. More often we read click here request from various blogs to get into some other fitness links. However, only a few ask some relevant questions like “Is morning exercise a worthy one”? Though a majority of people endorse morning workout, few have some reservations. This article explores the views of these few individuals who neither agree nor reject the habit of morning workouts. Readers can also browse the website to get some useful tips on this subject matter.

Before getting into this debatable subject, let us know some basics about exercise. Technically the word ‘exercise’ known as aerobic exercise wherein large muscles in our body are well used. Acts like walking, swimming, jogging, cycling are all come under the category of aerobic activities. These activities drive our body to use oxygen efficiently thereby offering great benefits to our heart, lungs and circulatory system. On the other hand, strength building workouts and other flexibility exercises are known as anaerobic exercise, which does not offer any cardiovascular benefit but makes the bones and muscles stronger.

Getting benefits from the morning exercise is determined by several factors. There is no perfect answer to the question to the title of this article. While there are many Pros, there are also few cons. Hence one has to do a complete research and apply the right findings in life. Finally, it the choice of the individual matters most.

According to the recent study, people who have their morning workouts produce more Human Growth Hormone and tend to sleep earlier at night. The same finding also indicates the evening workouts increases the body temperature that induces sleep. Hence, one cannot confirm with these two findings that a morning workout is better than the other. In reality, the matter of convenience of the individual matters most.

When it comes to the matter of hormones, testosterone levels are known to be higher in the morning from which one can derive more energy that enhances the muscle development. Undoubtedly, it is good things for the people who do morning workouts. However, the Cortisol level too is higher in the morning and normalizes in the night. Remember cortisol is responsible for breaking down the muscle tissue making people work harder to rebuild the muscles. It is a tricky situation for people whether to choose a morning or evening workout.

Doing exercise in the morning attract no distractions unlike doing the same in the evening Also, there is a less risk of cancellation of morning workouts, while the entire world wakes up in the morning. Above all, the morning workouts offer freshness so that one can have a productive day.

According to experts doing morning workout is well suited to do aerobic exercises, while evening can be reserved for doing the anaerobic workout. As discussed earlier one has to look into the practical aspect while deciding the timings of workouts. The only way one can lose is not doing any exercise at all.

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