Artificial Sweeteners – The Devil Or The Savior?

One cannot eat oatmeal with a boatload of sugar and assume it was a healthy meal. Even though oatmeal is a superfood, the addition of calories due to sugar nullifies the positive effects. The key to a healthy body is to consume food in moderation and right forms. isagenix ontario works towards this goal, to have a more robust and fitter body that is full of energy. One of the reasons for the unfit and disease-ridden population is the addiction to sugar we have. People say switching to artificial sweeteners is an easy solution to this conundrum.

But, is this true? Some articles on propound the pros and cons of artificial sugar. They even list the best sweeteners available in the market. After all, which situation can be more win-win than satisfying the craving for sugar without gaining the extra pounds? In this article, we will expound on some of the disadvantages of consuming artificial sugar. Artificial sweeteners affect not only us but also our environment.

It has been more than a century since no-calorie sweeteners have been discovered. Since then, hundreds of studies have been done on them. Some say they are entirely safe while others cannot stop listing down the problems they cause. The issue was somewhat solved when aspartame, the main ingredient in sweeteners, was deemed safe by European Food Safety Administration. They say that at current levels sweeteners will not cause Cancer. But, the heartrending disease is not the only side effect of no-cal taste enhancers.

Yes, artificial sugar can help lose weight, but did you know they pollute water too? A no-cal taste enhancer is meant to withstand the vigor of the body. It is so made that it doesn’t break down inside the human anatomy and turn into calories. It also means that the substance does not break down in the environment too. Studies show that wastewaters contain sucralose and other sweetening chemicals because light, microbes, and oxygen do not affect it.

Another side-effect of no-cal sweeteners is the increase in the amount of food we eat. In general, food that has a high quantity of sugar also has high-fat content. They are dense in texture, for example, cake. Our bodies have been programmed to expect a stomach-filling surface when we eat something sweet. But, this doesn’t occur when we have food or drinks that have Stevia or Splenda. Such beverages have a thinner consistency. This confuses the brain and the body which in turn asks for more food. Since the body is not satisfied, we overeat.

If this is not enough, artificial sweeteners can also cause a hormone imbalance. When you drink something flavored with aspartame or sucralose taste enhancer; the body automatically produces insulin. This is because it anticipated the injection of sugar. But, since there is no sugar in the food or drink, the insulin has nowhere to go. This causes an imbalance in the body. There is no doubt that no-cal sweeteners have benefits but, they are not all good. Taking them should be a personal decision made after careful study of all pros and cons.